Innovative Ways to Display Your Photography

Innovative Ways to Display Your Photography

The shift to digital has changed the way that we view and interact with photographs. Using film and disposable cameras and getting them developed before we store them in albums, specialist envelopes or boxes have been replaced with smart phone cameras and cloud camera rolls, hard drives and USB sticks. While for nostalgic reasons, the move to digital isn’t always favoured, and the war over which method is better will probably continue forever. The positive side of the shift, is that the rise of smart phones and their increasingly powerful cameras has exposed a wider range of people to the joys of photography.

But have the trends changed when it comes to displaying the images? Of course, now, our natural reaction is to share it with the masses on social media platforms and niche applications and websites, allowing us to receive instant clarification that our photographic prowess is considered to be good, and appreciated by other people. But photos shouldn’t just be confined to the digital realm, so we have put together a number of ways that you can display your favourite images, that doesn’t stop at a frame on the mantelpiece.

Creative Ways to Display Your Photography

Dark Room

Using lengths of string from wall to wall, like a washing line you can suspend images using pegs or metal clips, channelling the style of a traditional dark room.

Themed Walls

Getting tired of the traditional holiday photograph? Why not choose a theme, and make sure that each time you go away, you take an image of your chosen item, such as interesting doorways? You can then create a gallery wall that features an array of images of the same subject, or have all the images made in to one poster to be framed.

Wall Paper

If you have one image that you cherish dearly, you can use it to create your own bespoke wallpaper. This works well for photos of places or landscapes, rather than images of people.

Photo Wallpaper


Monochrome never goes out of fashion, and will remain forever stylish. Black and white images displayed in simple black frames is instantly effective; you get maximum impact for minimal effort.


Create a scrapbook wall that is adorned with your images, postcards and other memorabilia, using pins, pegs and string. Using a brightly coloured or patterned background as well as shelves and picture rails, gives the display life.


Put a modern twist on a gallery wall by taking mismatching frames and hanging them haphazardly. Wandering around charity shops should provide you with some unusual frames for next to nothing.Of course, if haphazard isn’t your style, you can always opt for frames laid out neatly, that compliment your chosen décor.


By using wax paper, you can transfer photographs onto wood for a rustic display option.

Real Life Instagram

Real Life Instagram

Instagram is a firm favourite for image sharing, but you can create a real-life version in your your home too! Using a frame, some floral wire and metal clips or miniature pegs you can display images that have been cropped to a square to create an Instagram display.


If looking at your beloved images at home wasn’t quite enough, why not turn them into charms that you can carry around with you in the form of jewellery, a badge, key ring, or anything else your heart desires.Cut wooden ice lolly sticks to your desired size and file the edges to lessen the risk of injury, using a tiny drills bit, make a hole in the top corner or centre (dpending on how you want to use it!) then glue yours images that have been resized before adding a layer of paper glaze. Once dried, you have a three-dimensional charm!


Create a focal point and memoir of your travels by using a large map, string and your images. By pinning one end of the piece of string to the destination that has been visited, and the other to the edge of the map, you can add a few photos of your trip – invoking an avalanche of memories each time you look at it.

Pictures in Maps

Bicycle wheels

Antique bicycle wheels make great modern day pin boards! Remove the tyre and you are left with a quirky metal wheel that can be left as is, for a rustic appeal or spray painted to match your colour scheme, before pinning photos to the spokes using metal clips or pegs. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, put hopefully provides you with some alternative ways to display your images – be sure to leave a comment if you have any other suggestions!