5 of The Best Wedding Gadgets & Gizmos

5 of The Best Wedding Gadgets & Gizmos

We all love a good gadget, and thanks to the innovations in technology we have all been turned into tech savvy users without evening realising it. Even our phones are simply not just phones anymore, they’re now cameras, calorie counters and our central form of communication all bundled into one easy to use device which cater to our every needs and requirements. So it will come as no surprise that if you’re planning your big day you’ve probably already downloaded an ‘App for that’ in order to help you organise and even budget the never ending checklist. But there’s so many more gadgets and gizmos that can help even the non-tech savvy bride bring some WOW factor to a wedding.

The LED Wedding Dress
The dress is without a doubt the first item on your list that you’ll be wanting to get just right, and with such a choice now available how can any bride just pick one? Well if you literally want to light up the room when you walk down the aisle, an LED dress may bring out your inner gadget geek. Designer Evey Rothstein creates unbelievable wedding dresses all inspired by the Disneyland light parade, all made using fibre optic cables. Whether you want to glow like a rainbow or simply just light up a little, these unique designs will certainly set you apart.

Phone Cases
Sugar coated almonds are a traditional wedding favour but these tiresome sweet treats leave nothing to be desired or to help your guests remember a special day. Customised phone cases can be the perfect keepsake for helping your guests recollect your wedding day for years to come. As they’re both practical and cost effective, you can choose to design a beautiful image or encourage your guests to take their own photos for you to create them after the wedding day has ended.  Even purchasing ‘Mr&Mrs’ phone cases for yourself and your partner could be a fun token that you’ll both be able to carry around with you for months after the wedding.

USB Sticks
If you want to share your wedding day with friends and family long after the bouquet has been thrown, adding photos and videos to a USB stick along with a thank you note, will be the icing on the cake for them and a thoughtful gift that they will cherish forever. Physical photographs are beautiful to look through but adding them onto a memory stick will ensure they can be safely stored and shared.

The Smart Projector
Playing videos of the happy couple during the first dance is becoming a popular wedding trend in the UK thanks to a resurgence of celebrities including this in their one lavish ceremonies, and it can be the most personal way to share the love story of the bride and groom. The Smart projector allows you to instantly watch footage on a smartphone, so you don’t need any fancy camera skills to get your footage and display it for all to see.

Nothing makes a wedding more memorable than the entertainment, and if there’s one way of harnessing these joyous moments it’s giving your guests the opportunity to sing their hearts out to their favourite tunes. Let your guests have complete use of the Marryoke sing-a-long photobooth and then watch the video of all the best bits when you need a little pick-me-up after the wedding day blues. At your 10 year wedding anniversary you can play it back to them at the party to relive the moments. Harness your love for a little technology and it could become the highlight of your wedding day!