Deliver Your Wedding Photographs In Style

Deliver Your Wedding Photographs In Style

As a wedding photographer you get to share in the most special day of many happy couples’ lives. You spend the day with them capturing the magic but the magic doesn’t stop once the day draws to a close. The excitement builds once more as the newlyweds await delivery of their wedding photos, and as the photographer of the big day it’s your chance to remind them just why they hired you.

You could take the most beautiful photos but hand them over in a drab photo package and the whole day soon loses its sparkle. Not only is it important for you as a photographer to make sure that your brand is carried through from start to finish, but you want to make sure that when you deliver your photos you do so in the most unique way.

Multi-Media Sharing
Gone are the days of getting photos developed in your local chemist and having printouts handed back in a paper envelope. These days photos are carefully selected and loaded onto a number of multi-media devices – allowing the couple to view their photos whenever they want on their computer, TV or smartphone. Whether you chose to add photos (or videos) to a USB, CD or DVD you can make it fully customisable so that it reflects either your brand or the happy couple. Play around with different designs, you could chose to have your logo, the couples married name or a photo from the day itself.

If you choose to present files on a USB then you don’t need to go for a basic design. Choose from a range of different designs to make the presentation even more unique. A bottle, cork, wooden, or crystal design to add the fun factor. Using a range of multi-media devices allows the couple to view the photos whenever and however they want. Many clients often want the flexibility to view all of the photos from their big day (the good and the bad) and select which ones they want printed.

USB Wedding Photography

We’ve discussed the different options you can allow your clients to view the photos on, but now comes the part where you can really make your mark – the packaging. As we just mentioned all the photos from the day are rarely printed out, which means the need for a large photo album isn’t always necessary. However, it can still be nice to include a couple of the best shots printed out in your first presentation. Use a customised photo box that can include either a CD or DVD, USB and a couple of the most special images from the wedding day. If they went for a sophisticated do then a fabric style might work best, or if the theme was on the rustic side why not choose a wooden photo box to send instead.

The photo boxes can then be laser engraved with your logo or any other message you wish to include. Creating something so unique and personal will help to mean you’re top of the recommendations list and have finished your role as photographer in the most stylish way possible. Presenting your photos is one of the best parts of the job as you get to show off all your hard work, so don’t scrimp on the design and choose something as memorable as the photos you took.

USB Wedding Photography Packaging